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Haalim by Nemrah Ahmed Episode 11 Review

Noooooo wayyyyyyyyyyyyy

Did you see what happened? Did you see it?? Woaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!



Wo- okay I’ll stop. I’m just really overwhelmed right now. So many emotions. This episode… Dayum! #IllStopNowPakka

Ladies and gentleman! I’m happy to announce that our golden trio has returned to modern era. They’re safe and healthy. Time stopped while they were gone so no one knows they were gone for four months. They can get back to their lives now. There’s only this little problem of them finding it hard to adjust to the fast life of today as compared to slow and clean life of the past. Everything else is fine though. Oh, and Fateh lost his memory in the process of returning home… But really, everything else is fine… Things can get back to normal… Only this time Fateh didn’t let Taliya go before losing his memories and now she’s stuck in a paper marriage with a guy who hates her and – gahhhhh dammit Fateh!!!!!!!!!

Nothing is fine! Nothing will ever be fine!! Everything is a mEsSS!

Fateh doesn’t remember the four months he spent in the past. All the development between him and Taliya is gone. They’re basically back to square one.

Honestly, if everything had been back to normal, the story would’ve ended right there. But just because Fateh decided to be selfish, quite understandably I’ll admit, this story continues. And God forbid a novel by Nemrah Ahmed be this short. It feels like an interval or intermission to a loooooong movie where a new arc begins as the previous one ends.

Same old characters, new problems. Or old problems? Whatever, the point is that there are problems. Taliya has a problem that Fateh doesn’t remember his marriage with her. Adam has a problem that Taliya has a problem that Fateh doesn’t remember his marriage with her. Fateh had a problem that Taliya might want to go back to the past, but now he has a problem that Taliya is after his old home. Asra doesn’t have a problem yet, but she will once she learns that her husband lied to her and cheated on her. And I, the reader, have a problem that there are so many problems when there shouldn’t have been any more problems!

I have to admit one thing though: this was one awesome episode! It was fast paced, thrilling and very well written. It’s my favorite episode of this novel so far. I liked it so much that I’m even willing to accept the undeniable chemistry between Taliya and Fateh. Buuuut I still don’t agree with it. It’s the principle of the thing that stops me from getting behind this ship even though my heart has melted for these two. Don’t ship it. Won’t do it. Can’t do it. Still, great episode. Wonderful.

Nothing happened like we expected. Taliya and Adam reached the island without any hiccups. Getting to the treasure didn’t turn out to be that difficult either, save for a Komodo dragon they had to kill after failed negotiation. Everything was easy peasy. Then, Taliya decided she wanted to go back to Malacca because she had a feeling that Fateh might be in trouble. Which he was, as the Queen ratted both of them out to Sultan by telling him about Taliya’s marriage. One thing led to another and, before you know it, Fateh is all bruised and beaten up. Taliya lost her cool when she saw Fateh like that and had it been any other novel she would’ve run at him crying and proclaiming her undying love. But since it’s not every other novel, Taliya simply yelled or rather growled at the guards and played her would-be-queen card to get Fateh out of this mess. That’s when Fateh told her the truth about Aryana and what really happened to her. I think this could be the key to get Fateh believe Taliya when she inevitably tells him what he no longer remembers. The fact that Fateh confided her in on this also tells everything you need to know about how he feels about her. Much to my chagrin.

Everything else went smoothly, according to their plan. Their economic attack on Murad caused him to bring Fateh on negotiation chair and listen to his demands. Reluctantly, Murad agreed to let them go back to their time, but, on one condition. We didn’t find out the mysterious condition until the very end. Like everyone else, I too thought Fateh would stay back or something. But as they grew nearer to the well, it was obvious all three of them would be returning to modern time. But what was wrong then? That’s when it hit me. Time travel causes memory loss! They’re going to forget everything just like Taliya did when she came to this world the first time! But no, they crossed the invisible barrier of time safely and nobody had lost their memories. I was confused again. But of course, Fateh was the one with key and he was the only one who lost the memories. He’d ruined the circle of time travel or something. Honestly, I’m still a bit confused about the rules of time travel in this story.

Fateh could’ve chosen Taliya or Adam instead. But, he chose himself. Because, he believed Taliya and Adam needed to hold on to valuable lessons they’d learned during this journey. A noble choice. If only he had let Taliya go, then I would be admiring him like no other. But nooooooooooooo. He just had to be the selfish one there. His decision could make Taliya go back to time to find the cure or something or could make her stay and help him by other means. If she doesn’t go back though, who will complete the poem? Who will go to a sea journey to never return? And why am I asking obvious questions when I know the obvious is never going to happen? Let’s just wait another month to see what happens.

Here’s a million dollar question though: who do you think Taliya should end up with? Because nobody ever cares about the plot, just the endgame couple. Fateh has won no support from me, but there is chemistry between him and Taliya. I’ll give them that. Adam is too naive to be with someone like Taliya, so that’s a no for him too. Of course if I had to force a couple, I would still go with Taliya and Adam. Less drama there.

Tell me your thoughts on this episode. Do you agree with Fateh’s decision? If yes, I bet you kick puppies and kittens too. Share your thoughts down below. Thank you for reading. Allah Hafiz.



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